Asker Anonymous: Dear Everyday Angel, I feel as though I'm having body acceptance issues. I'm not a big girl, but I've got curves. The media keeps showing extremely thin models as the ideological preference, so I keep wondering if maybe I should try and become smaller. What do you think? -Anxious Annie

Dear Anxious Annie,

You are perfect just the way you are. Dieting can be very dangerous for those who do not need to be on one or when done in an unhealthy way. In addition the media has digitally edited those models to look extra thin. If someone thinks you are not small enough they are not for you. Stay healthy my dear.

Sincerely, Everyday Angel

Asker Anonymous: Dear Everyday Angel, I got my first F at school. My father is set in his ways and thinks all us kids have to get all A's. Ma talked him into A's and B's for the twins but an F? How do keep this from him? From Dead Meat

Dear Dead Meat,

I know you may want to keep the F from your father, but you really should just come clean. Put some effort into finding some help for the class before telling him. Then that way you can honestly tell him you have already got help to get your grade back up for the class. Keep him updated on how the class is going. He will find that you are being responsible and mature about it. Who knows he may even help you out as well and you can turn it in to bonding time. Good luck to you this school year. Keep up on your work and I know you’ll turn your grade around by the end of the class. 

Sincerely, Everyday Angel

Asker Anonymous: Dear Everyday Angel, my boyfriend is taking me home to meet his parents tonight. I'm so nervous. Any advice? ~Worried Girl

Dear Worried Girl,

Just be yourself :) However, I would stay away from swearing (if you do normally) and any topics that could turn ugly. For example, politics and religion. I’ve always found that bringing something along like cookies or some other dessert helps break the ice. Have fun and enjoy your night!!!

Sincerely, Everyday Angel

"Listen to advice and accept correction, then in the end you will be wise."


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